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Chicago Bullet Speed Skate, Black

Are you finding for the bullet speed skate that comes in black color? Looking to buy a skate that features urethane wheels? Do you like to spend your money on the skate that comes with an easy lace closure system? Read this review to know one excellent bullet speed skate.

Features of the Chicago Bullet Speed Skate, Black:

Chicago Skates is a world’s leader in delivering high-quality and durable roller skates and this is a high-quality skate and it is now available in black color. Out test experts tested the features of the bullet speed skate available in the market today and finally they suggest you to spend your money on this wonderful bullet speed skate.

  1. Design:

This speed skate features a comfortable low-cut boot design that allows for greater freedom of movement and it 41oj0z886zlcomes in a black color that looks quite awesome.

  1. Comfort:

This wonderful bullet speed skate comes with easy lace closure system and front toe brakes for reliable stopping.

  1. Stability:

In order to provide stability and control, this speed skate comes with a wide 62mm urethane wheels with precision bearing and fixed axles.

  1. Warranty:

This awesome bullet speed skate is covered by 30-day warranty. This is a durable vinyl skate that is perfect for all-around rink and social skating.


  • It is black in color.
  • 30-day warranty.
  • Easy lace closure system.
  • It offers excellent stability and control.
  • The 62 mm urethane wheels seem quite great.


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