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How to Maintain your Roller Skates?

When you have spent money on a pair of roller skates then you want them to last. Just like anything the value of the skates will need to be good care. One of the attractive characteristics of roller skating will be it will allow then to meet the people who share the same mistakes. Roller will be fixtures in town around the world and outdoor areas like boardwalks and parks.

cleaning-the-skatesCleaning the skates:

You have to use the cloth to clean the dirt that will accumulate on the boot, plate, and wheels. Gently remove the dirt that you will find and it will be good to do every time you skate.

Adjust the plates:

Some of the plates will be adjustable. If you are freestyle or dancing skater then this will be useful for you. Most recreational skaters will want the plate to be in the wider setting and this will be useful for the newest skates. You can adjust them by loosening the locking nut on the back of the skater with a wrench. After you have done, you have to adjust the spacing by moving the whole assembly on its track. After you have completed the adjustment then make sure you will have properly tightened the nut.

Adjust the trucks:

If you are more flexibility and control then you will have to adjust the trucks. If the plates are tighter then the flexibility will be reduced and control of the roller skating will be easier. The kingpins will be tightened with a wrench and will not have a locking nut. The locking nut will be loosened with a wrench. The kingpin will be then turned to adjust the tension. After completing the adjustment you have to make sure the locking nut will be re-tightened.

Adjust the wheel nuts:

Every few moths you have to check the wheel nuts. Tighten enough so that you will not have any play. You should not over tight the wheels because it will prevent from the rolling.

adjust-the-wheel-nutsAdjust the toe stoppers:

There will be two types of stoppers adjustable and non-adjustable. The non-adjustable stoppers will be checked often and they will easily work loose. If it is loose you can use a screwdriver to tighten them. Switching out the toe stops on your skates will be another effective way to experiment. Toe stops will be essential and they will help to control your speed. Even though it will serve an important purpose and it will help you make a fashion statement.

If you are looking to skate for fitness or to skate around the park. They will usually have a hard plastic boot with a great support and you will find the soft boots that will make of fabric which will be more comfortable.

These fitness skates will be similar to the recreational skates and that will be made of a lighter material with a boot with a lower profile. These skates will have larger wheels.

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