Roller Derby Women’s Viper M4 Speed Quad Skate

Looking to buy the best manmade roller skates? Want to buy the best quad skate that meets your unique style and budget? Do you like to spend your pennies on the quad skate that comes with urethane wheels? Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this review, we’re going to see one excellent quad skate for the money.

Let’s go and read the features of the Roller Derby Women’s Viper M4 Speed Quad Skate in a detailed manner.

Features of the Roller Derby Women’s Viper M4 Speed Quad Skate:

Roller Derby has been the well-known maker of the quad skate and it is one of the leading providers found on the market today. This brand now provides one wonderful quad skate that is very best for design, quality, comfort and a lot. Our test experts tested the features of the several quad skates available on the market today and finally, they strongly suggest you spend your money on this speed quad skate.

  1. Awesome design:

This is a wonderful speed quad skate and this skate comes with several excellent features. The combination of white and purple color looks quite great and it is a man made quad skate.

  1. Support:

The women’s viper speed quad skate features a deluxe speed profile boot with reinforced support to offer enhanced comfort.

  1. Stability:

This wonderful skate comes with the ABEC-5 bearings for easy rolling and stability. And, it is featured with a 58 mm speed formula urethane wheels for easy skating.


  • It is a man-made quad skate.
  • It is cost effective to buy.
  • The quality of the quad skate looks quite great.


This is a highly recommended quad skate from a well-known brand Roller Derby and it is rated as 4.2 out of 5 stars.

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